Mowers And More is the first Hudson Valley Dealership With AutoMower®

Watch how the Husqvarna Automower® can give you the perfect lawn while giving you more free time to do other things. Learn about how it works, how to install, how the mower cuts grass, yard types that it can handle, why the grass quality improves, anti-theft and safety features.


Mowers And More gets the Husqvarna AutoMower®

Our philosphy at Mowers And More boils down to one thing - "Don't sell something you wouldn't use yourself!"

At first glance, the AutoMower® seems too good to be true. How could a robotic mower actually get the job done? We were skeptical too, until we tried it ourselves! At a 2017 Training by Husqvarna, our very own Kevin, Jasen, and Victoria traveled to Boston to learn about this new technology. It was clear that this product was going to be a game changer. This is not something we see everyday in the outdoor power equipment industry.

During our two days of training, we learned:

  • The 20 Year History of Husqvarna's AutoMower®
  • The difference between an AutoMower® and it's inferior competition
  • Improvements that Husqvarna has made to the AutoMower® over many years of research, development, and customer feedback
  • AutoMower® features, capabilities, and lmitations
  • Affect on turf health
  • Installation techniques
  • Technician Service & Troubleshooting education, including a tear-down and rebuild

The AutoMower® is not for every property or situation but if you are interested we encourage you to contact us to get a personalized evaluation by our trained staff. If your property and lifestyle would benefit from our AutoMower®, we can help you from start to finish.

The AutoMower® is not only economical upfront (similar to a garden tractor) but also has an excellent return on investment because of it's efficiency. How much is your fuel worth? More importantly: How much is your time worth? Use your mowing time for something you like better.  Are you ready for the AutoMower® lifestyle?

Fill out the form below for a free evaluation of your property and what we think the AutoMower® could do for you! This is a no-risk, no-obligation opportunity.

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