Small Engine Power

A question we are often asked is "What is Outdoor Power Equipment?" Our industry, sometimes abbreviated as OPE, is an enormous industry dedicated to the equipment allowing alteration, building, maintaining and improvement of greenspaces at home, in the public, and in commercial spaces. At home we use lawn mowing equipment to maintain our yards. However, we also have chainsaws, tillers, and generators, to alter, build, and maintain our properties. All of these tools help us maintain our greenspaces to our liking. In the public arena, our government buys these types of equipment to maintain public parks, buildings, even roadways. Commercially, these machines help keep the hotels, campgrounds, and even retail locations looking great. Our specialty within OPE industry includes Small Engine equipment. Most of the equipment is single or twin cylinder and are typically less than 30 horsepower. This can vary but is generally the typical course of machines we study, sell, and maintain. This definition encompasses exactly what we had in mind when we created our name. OPE is Mowers And More.

A Curated Selection

For over 25 years, our family has specialized in all aspects of Small Engine Outdoor Power Equipment.

We are a Certified Warranty Service Provider for over 20 different brands and families of equipment! To achieve this our technicians (and even some of our sales staff) are required to participate in continuing education for each group of brands.

This helps our customers because it means there is a very good chance we can help with your warranty. It also means that we get up-to-date training on the latest repair techniques and technologies. Our shop includes state-of-the-art tools and technicians who are properly trained to use them. We are equipped with the tools and continuing education needed to provide the service your equipment manufacturer requires. In our shop, aftermarket parts are a last-resort for parts that are rare or no longer available – not a staple. Our pride is in using genuine parts and recommended techniques for the various brands we service.

Being a certified service provider for most small engine equipment brands also puts our customers at yet another advantage when using our services. We see it all! In our shop, we see which brands struggle and in what areas. In our sales departments, we hear about what customer’s wish their old machines had. At dealer meetings, we learn about what the various brands are doing with their product lines. This means when it comes time to pick-out equipment to sell we are ready with the knowledge to pick the best features. Kevin and Victoria also make the annual pilgrimage to our industry’s conference to learn about upcoming products literally-before they are available for purchase. Knowledge is power!

Our mission is to sell, service, provide parts, and most importantly provide education to our customers. We have a diverse customer base from village property renters to commercial property managers. The goal is the same: give the customer the information they need to make good decisions and become confident power equipment owners, no matter how many acres they need to maintain or want to improve!

When a customer asks us what is the difference between the box-stores, other dealerships and us; our mission is what we have in mind.