Mowers And More unofficially began in 1990 as part of Lamb's Hardware at one of the oldest buildings in the Village of Saugerties. As you can imagine, the story begins like many other small businesses. Located at 31 Market Street, lifetime residents of Saugerties, Deborah & Timothy Martino were partners with Lamb’s Hardware. It was during this time that they began the Mowers And More journey. Tim used the garage behind the building to do repairs on small engines. Little did they know at the time but this was only the beginning.

The work in the garage got to be so busy that they decided to dedicate more time to the repair business. Lamb's Hardware was set to be replaced by the budding mower repair shop run from the small garage. In '95 they officially opened their own mom & pop shop behind Lamb's Hardware, where one could say Mowers And More was "born." Pretty soon, the whole family worked together when they could. Son, Kevin, began learning the ropes alongside Tim as early as 1996. Deb worked in the office while also working for the Town of Saugerties. Tim worked out of this small space fixing almost any small engine machine the customers could find for several years. The repair shop was so packed that he had to keep lawn mower blades anywhere he could, including in the bathroom! The family and their customers have many memories at their Market Street location. The small shop was bursting at the seams and it was time to get some extra space. The business continued to grow and was in desperate need of a larger building that could better accommodate it.

In 2001 Mowers And More moved to its current location at 224 Ulster Avenue less than a mile from its first location. This step was incredibly exciting because it not only helped with exposing the business to the public, but it also provided the much-needed room to be able to serve the needs of the customers. As another marker of growth, in 2007 the business was incorporated to become "The Mower Depot, Inc." At this time Tim and Kevin were named owners, and their journey continued.

Today they continue to do business as Mowers And More as a reminder of their humble beginnings. Both father and son work together to continue the Martino Family’s legacy. It's still a family affair at Mowers And More. Kevin's wife, Victoria, joined the business in 2011. Just like he did back then, Tim still works in the shop repairing equipment today. They've given him a bigger space, some new tools, and moved the blades out of the bathroom! Tim likes to work on two-cycle machines and has passed the torch to Kevin & Victoria. 

Together Kevin and Victoria use their experience to grow and adapt to the demands of the industry to continue to provide the best in outdoor power equipment. The couple spends lots of time at various training opportunities and are always learning more about their industry. With this, they can provide the best service and equipment options to their community. Keeping it a family operation that provides for their community will always be a priority for the couple.

Just like old times, the whole "Mowers And More Family" are there to serve their customers. Their location at 224 Ulster Avenue continues to carry a huge selection of parts and equipment, and the latest in service technology. 

Through the years many things change and grow but Kevin is happy to report: "We still have (what some might call) an unhealthy obsession with fixing small equipment and a passion for our helping our customers. As long as there's a need, we will be there to help."